Our mission is to be a strategic resource for the leadership of Nelson Mandela University in seeking to promote excellence in all aspects of the university, most particularly its vision of generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future. 

To achieve this, we adopt a transformative, evidence-based approach to strategic and academic planning, institutional research, management information systems, and institutional performance monitoring and evaluation.

This involves providing decision-making support to senior and middle management through sophisticated data analyses, developing and maintaining a cycle of institutional research studies, and contributing to institutional transformation through strategic planning and quality advancement processes and systems.


Purpose of our Office:

The purpose of our Office is to:

  • Inform, guide and strategy and decision making through contextualised information and knowledge-internally and externally
  • Stimulate and catalyse transformative organisational learning and renewal

Principles underpinning the work of our Office:

We are guided by the following principles in fullfilling our Mission and purpose

  • Values driven and centred
  • Innovation and adaptive expertise
  • integrity, credibility and highest level of proffessionalism and ethical conduct
  • Reflective, responsive, listening and engaging
  • Collaboration and integration
  • Ongoing learning and development

Practices we embrace in our Office:

As a team, we are committed to embracing the following practices:

  • Mentoring, development and learning
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Sharing of ideas
  • Integrating and breaking out of silos
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Ethical use of data and information
  • Proactive,strategic posture



  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Information
  • Transformation, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Quality Advancement
  • Academic Planning


Contact information
Mrs Kumaree Moodley
Tel: Ext 2718